The Last Promise -  Scarred #5

The fifth book in the Scarred series, The Last Promise is the next addictive gangland thriller by bestselling author, Edie Baylis.

With Marco Morelli seemingly off the scene for the time being, Zane is determined to ensure his firm and life are stable and that he's financially secure in order to provide for Erin and what the future will bring.

There's a lot riding on that - firstly he needs to quash the rumours doing the rounds about his ability which threatens to derail the lucrative deal with Diego Delgado. Zane is relying on that deal to remain to ensure his foothold back in London. But Diego's wife has plans of her own.

As does Colt Shoreham, who has returned to take up the offer that his brother promised him many years ago, should he ever need it. However, Tiger has issues of his own to deal with: one, his past and two, in the shape of ayoung woman who Marco treated so badly.

But out of all of them, who will be the one not honouring their promise?

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