About the Scarred Series


Disappointed to find out the promise of avenging his wrongful incarceration had already been carried out without him, Zane Morelli stepped out from prison. It didn’t take long to realise that what he’d been told of the death of the man who had set him up was a lie.

A lie told by Zane’s own firm.

A firm who had already overstepped the mark during his absence by scarring his face in retribution for their wrongful belief that he had betrayed the firm.

But the truth was now loud and clear. The man who had succeeded in getting Zane banged up was alive and so therefore, would be paying for what he did.



Locating previous loyal members of his firm before his brother took the reins is proving easier said than done for Zane Morelli. He cannot afford to be spotted around his old haunts before he’s ready to strike. Neither can anyone fighting Marco’s corner be allowed to get wind of the plan.

Although it is difficult, Zane can wait. But Erin can’t.

Each passing day unable to take revenge for Marco’s past deeds as well as putting a stop to the abhorrent ventures that are now being carried out is a further twist of the knife – one which threatens to slice through her and Zane’s fledgling relationship.

Something has to be done but at what cost?



Hoping to build a relationship with the unexpected addition to his family, as well as rebuilding his firm up from scratch, Zane Morelli is counting on his brother remaining in custody long enough for this to happen. But Erin is making things difficult. So much so that Zane is beginning to question whether they have a future after all.

Erin Langley didn't expect to find an ally in Hazel Grimes, but as it turns out, Erin isn't the only one who can see that more than one person could have an agenda.