The Hard Truth - Scarred #4

The Hard Truth is the fourth book in bestselling gangland fiction author, Edie Baylis's Scarred series and is available for pre-order with the release having been brought forward from September to 16 July 2024.

Marco Morelli is pleased that Skye Wilson is proving that she is very much like her father. This time he’s aiming for the jugular with his plans to bring his brother to his knees once and for all.

Meanwhile, Erin still suspects things are far from how they should be. Unable to keep the promise for a fresh slate with the young girl who ties Zane to his past, she’s ready for problems, but there could be more closer to home than she’s bargained for. And it isn’t just Erin and Zane who are in the sights for the fallout. What will happen to Skye’s boyfriend and the other people who have put their love and trust into her?

They say that the truth will set you free, but on many occasions it does the exact opposite…

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