The Downfall Box Set

“Brutal, vicious, shocking… A cataclysmic novel of life in its most raw form…”

Bringing together all three books of the gritty, dark Downfall thrillers in one ultimate box set, combining several dark genres, appealing to fans of authors like Martina Cole, Lili St Germain and Kimberley Chambers.

Grab Edie Baylis’ entire Downfall series of over 1300 pages of teeth-grinding violence, suspense, madness, obsession and horror, saving over 30% compared to buying the books separately.

The Downfall Box Set includes:


**The Downfall Series contains written depictions of graphic violence, sex and strong language throughout. It also contains themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers.**

What readers have said about the Downfall books:

***** “…I was completely fascinated, disgusted, and in awe of the story as it hurtled toward one hell of an ending…”

***** “…a rollercoaster of a book…”

***** “…Brutal… vicious… shocking… A cataclysmic novel of life in its most raw form…”

***** “...I couldn’t help but think of Seth and Jane like the couple in the movie Natural Born Killers. Which, at the time was a pretty controversial movie, much like what I think this story is as well... I love how the author did not hold anything back. The story is in your face, every messed up thing you can think of is probably written in the pages...”

***** “…if you aren’t afraid to dive into a world of sex, drugs, and violence, you’ll love this…”

***** “…all three instalments would make a great movie...”

***** “…Totally addictive...”

***** “...I am very impressed by this author and their ability to write a book that was like a mobster movie...The characters were real, believable and raw... Shocking twists and turns...”

***** “Dark and impossible to put down...”

***** “The interweaving of characters and their schemes throughout the plot was masterful...”

***** “…Amazing read... Whatever you are doing, please continue...”

***** “...well-written, fast-paced, gripping…”

***** “…On the edge of your seat...”

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