The Family Legacy - Hunted #2

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The truth can be too late...

As well as her controlling mother, Tori Morgan’s life revolves around three men: the fiancé forced upon her, the man she loves beyond life itself, but who has deserted her and lastly, her father – whose murder continues to haunt her.

Unsure of whether Matt or Hunter has fathered the child growing inside her, Tori’s unwanted wedding grows closer, but is there light at the end of the tunnel? Could she reconnect with the man she loves?

Unfortunately, Tori hasn’t counted on another man present in her life. One who is more instrumental in her misery than she realises and the crux in the legacy that plagues her.

Sometimes the truth is too late in coming… Other times it makes bad things happen…

And in the worst of cases it can cause the unthinkable…

Can a family legacy have the power to take away the most precious thing of all?

The Family Legacy is perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers and Lili St Germain.

**Contains graphic sexual scenes, violence and some topics that certain readers may find uncomfortable.**


"...Makes Romeo and Juliet seem like a children's book..."
"...Suspense at its best..."
"...Stuffed with heart wrenching truths..."
"...The twists and turns just keep going in this unpredictable wild ride of a book..."

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